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James Dean
The Ultimate James Dean Scrapbook
This popular title is available from American
Legends and contains original interviews and rare
and unusual documents that chronologically relate
Dean's creative life. The documents include a
copy of Jimmy's high school transcript, a house
lease, his New York Public Library card, letters,
handwritten notes--and many, many more
collector's items.

Now Available: White Star's acclaimed documentary: Errol Flynn: Portrait of a Swashbuckler


James Dean  -Impossible Icon by Vaughn Taylor

James Dean - Memoir by Bob Hinkle, Giant dialogue coach

Montgomery Clift - Adele Mailer recalls glimpses of

Dorothy Stratten - Their Home Town: an AL feature

Marilyn Monroe -  Don Murray recalls the making of Bus Stop


Jack Kerouac  - His life was the stuff of which legends are spun

Norman Mailer  - Autocrat of the Remainder Table

Carolyn Cassady - Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady                 remembered in an exclusive American Legends interview

Carolyn Cassady - The First Lady of the Beats recalls Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady

Budd Schulberg - The great screenwriter recalls making On the Waterfront


Jim Morrison  - Glimpses of Jim: Interview with Al Aronowitz

Jim Morrison  - Martin Pitts's interview with Ray Manzarek on Jim Morrison and the Doors

Jim Morrison  - Interview with Terry McCartney-Filgate on Jim Morrison: film student

Jim Morrison  - Interview with Gerry McClain on Jim Morrison at Florida State


Interviews James Dean - John Kerr: James Dean, TV Actor

James Dean - James Dean at UCLA  

James Dean - Ivan Moffat on the making of Giant

James Dean  - Hal Hackady on James Dean in New York


Harry Truman - Remembering the Man from Missouri

  Coming Soon: American Legends MagNet - Irv Rosner on Mickey Cohen--L.A. Gangster. A Teenager Looks at J.D. Salinger. Loeb and Leopold: The Crime of Their Century

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