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Surviving James Dean
By William Bast

Literary LA
By Lionel Rolfe

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James Dean - Memoir by Bob Hinkle, Giant dialogue coach.

Dorothy Stratten - Their Home Town: an AL feature

Eli Wallach  -  The noted film actor recalls the making of The Magnificent Seven

Bradford Dillman - Orson Welles: The View from Mount Olympus

William Bast - Recalls the making of The Betsy

Paul Gregory - Remembers Charles Laughton

Paul Gregory - On the making of the Naked and the Dead

Bob Hinkle - The making of Hud

Robert Wagner- Rumble on Rodeo Drive: the making of A Kiss Before Dying

Richard Anderson- The Commies are Coming: the making of Seven Days in May


Carolyn Cassady - The First Lady of the Beats recalls Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady

Budd Schulberg - on What Makes Sammy Run?

Kenneth Rexroth - Jack Hirschman remembers Kenneth Rexroth and the Beats

Louis Auchincloss - Endicott Peabody and The Rector of Justin

Frank Norris - Donald Pizer: Frank Norris and The Octopus

Alison Lurie - The Nowhere City


Jim Morrison  - Glimpses of Jim: Interview with Al Aronowitz

Jim Morrison  - Interview with Terry McCartney-Filgate on Jim Morrison: film student

Irving Berlin - The Great American Composer Remembered

Jim Morrison - A brother-in-law remembers Jim


Harry Truman - Remembering the Man from Missouri

Ed Koch - Former New York City mayor Ed Koch on Rudy Giuliani

  American Legends MagNet - Oh! Henry: The Fonz Unfondly Remembered Tom Rodd on 1980s Gangsters

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