Elmer Gertz- Remembering Henry Miller

Frankie--A novel by Ron Martinetti, author of
The James Dean Story (copyright 2001 by Ron Martinetti)

Tom Rodd--On 1980s Gangsters

Oh! Henry--The Fonz unfondley remember by Peter Breslin

Dorothy Stratten--Their Home Town: an AL feature

Don Murray--Bus Stop

Hemingway--A Look Back

Budd Schulberg--On The Waterfront

Richard Anderson--Paths of Glory

Carole Lombard--A Woman for All Seasons

Paul Gregory - Charles Laughton and The Night of the Hunter

Norman Mailer  - Autocrat of the Remainder Table

Efrem Zimbalist. Jr.  - Remembers the Warners years

Erich Segal: - Mel Zerman on the marketing of Love Story

Ella Fitzgerald

The Beats - Al Aronowitz recalls the Beat Generation

Fred Exley - Mel Zerman remembers the author of A Fan's Notes

Norman Corwin- The making of Lust for Life

Jim Morrison- Martin Pitts Interview With Ray Manzarek of the Doors (Part 1)

Gerry McClain - Wild Child: Jim Morison at Florida State

John Kerr- James Dean, TV Actor

Aldous Huxley:- L.A. writer

A Young Man Goes Forth: James Dean in New York

Jack Kerouac: Homage to Jack

To Jack, Neal was "...a young Gene Autry--trim, thin-hipped,
blue-eyed, with a real Oklahoma accent--a sideburned hero
of the snowy West."

James Dean-- Impossible Icon - by Vaughn Taylor

American Legends Interviews-- William Nolan 

Richard Anderson- The Commies are Coming: the making of Seven Days in May  

Montgomery Clift - Adele Mailer remembers an actor friend

Marty Pitts - Reads The Scream of the Butterfly: for Jim Morrison

Bradford Dillman - Orson Welles: The View from Mount Olympus

Carolyn Cassady - The First Lady of the Beats recalls Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady

Phil Stern - Remembers James Dean

Kenneth Rexroth - Jack Hirschman remembers Kenneth Rexroth and the Beats

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